Frequently Asked Questions About Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

What is the lymphatic system?

River of LifeThe lymphatic system is like a vital 'RIVER OF LIFE' within us because it transports the fluid that cleanses every cell and organ in the body! It is THE pathway for TOXINS to exit from the blood and from the spaces between the cells. There are 17 trillion cells in the body. They are constantly exchanging substances within this space - called the interstitial space. The lymphatic system takes the toxic load and sends it out through the bladder, bowels, skin, and the lungs. And even more, the lymph system plays a key role in our IMMUNE FUNCTION. Infection - fighting white blood cells are transported via the lymph to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi within the lymph nodes. The nodes also filter out these pathogens and other toxins. Finally, there are LYMPH GLANDS like the tonsils & spleen which perform immune functions as well. To sum it up, we can say that the lymphatic system is essentially the information highway of our immune system and the pathway for toxic removal. In fact some say it IS the IMMUNE SYSTEM!

How do I know if I have lymphatic problems? Lymphatic flow functions normally with physical activity and an overall healthy circulatory system. But stagnation can occur anywhere along the system creating congestion and thicker lymphatic fluid. Also, surgery, injuries, radiation therapy, and removal of lymph structures create scar tissue that blocks lymph flow. The results of slower or blocked flow can be many. They range from sinus trouble, headaches, swelling (edema) in any part of the body, tender cystic breasts, fatigue and chronic pain syndromes, skin and other infections, asthma and allergies, poor digestion, female problems, prostate issues, continued pain after injuries and surgeries, premature ageing, to cancer and other 'dis-eases'.

Are there other causes? Yes, some people are born with primary lymphatic diseases. But most of us have issues related to trauma, surgeries, and poor health habits. Modern lifestyles substantially add to impaired lymph function. These include tight clothing, lack of exercise, unhealthy food and abuse of food, electronic and chemical pollution, chronic stress, poor sleep, and hormone mimics called endocrine disruptors from plastics, air pollution, drugs, herbicides, and pesticides. These all burden the free flow of lymph.

Why was the Lymphstar developed? Company creators began investigating the causes of immune problems and their solutions in 1990, after their son was treated for childhood leukemia. They evolved the Lymphstar Pro® product over many years beginning in 1994.

Holistic health practitioners, whose focus is on preventive and restorative care, enthusiastically
embraced it. The therapy protocols for using manual lymph drainage techniques were developed and refined. Input from researchers and thousands of customers have added to the effectiveness and integrity of both the instrument and our treatment regimens.

Lymphstar Pro Model

Lymphstar Pro Model

What is the Lymphstar Pro® and How Does it Work? Electro-biology devices have been in use for over 120 years! Our exclusive innovation, the Lymphstar family of products are the pinnacle of this evolution.
The Lymphstar Pro® emits a low energy vibration that is safe and relaxing to experience. It is an electronic device that uses therapy heads containing noble gases in glass tubes. The gases are excited (ionized) by a high voltage field at low current (amperage). The therapy heads emit various fields of energy when touched onto the skin. These vibrational energies are (1) an electrostatic field, (2) this field 'dynamically pulsed' at low frequencies to create acoustic waves, and (3) and an electro-pressure field is created by the use of two therapy heads on various locations. It also positively impacts the meridian and acupuncture point systems of the body as well. 1 (supported by our scientific advisor, Professor Emeritus Tom Croley, an expert in the acupuncture system; see technical section,)
When coupled with a therapist's caring attention you have a highly effective therapeutic system we call Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET).™

The Lymphstar Pro® Instrument - How is it used? The two Standard Lymph therapy heads are lightly stroked on the skin by the therapist. They may also be left in place for 5 or more minutes; or one is placed, and one is moved around. The placements follow lymph drainage pathways, are over lymph glands, or on organs such as the liver. Next, specific problem areas may be addressed such as a painful knee, or congested areas such as the breasts or the digestive system.

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